1) The passengers were very happy.......the friendly and warm treatment given to them.

a) From
b) To
c) With
d) About

2) The higher you go, the more difficult breathe.

a) Is becoming
b) Became
c) Has become
d) Becomes

3) The children were disappointed because they had hoped.......with us.

a) Would have gone
b) To had gone.
c) To have gone
d) To go

4) She stood.......Amit, but could not utter a single word for quite some time.

a) About
b) Before
c) For
d) To

5) He is the friend.......I trust most.

a) Which
b) Who
c) Him
d) Whom


Fixed Preposition

Abound with

Abstain from

According to

Accuse of

Accordance from

Acquaint with

Acquit of

Adverse to

Afflict with

Afraid of

Aim at

Arraign against

Arrest in

Ashamed of

Assure of

Attribute to