Daily Practice Paper

Q.1) If the area of a circle is A, radius of the circle is r and circumferece of it is C, then

(a) rC = 2A       (b) C/A = r/2
(c) AC = r2/4    (d) A/r = C

Q.2) A and B together can do a piece of work in 6 days. If A can alone do the work in 18 days, then the number of days required for B to finish the work is

(a) 9        (b) 12

(c) 10       (d) 15

Q.3) The measure of an angle whose supplement is three times as large s its complement, is :

(a) 75°          (b) 30°

(c) 60°          (d) 45° ,

Q.4) The sum of four numbers is 48. When 5 and 1 are added to the first two; and 3 and 7 are subtracted from the 3rd and 4th, the numbers will be equal. The numbers are
(a) 9,7,15,17       (b) 6,10,14,18

(c) 4,12,12,20      (d) 5,11,13,19

Q.5) Find the value of tan4° tan43° tan47° tan86°
(a) 1/2       (b) 2

(c) 1           (d) 2/3

Directions : In the following questions, some sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The numberr of that part is your answer. If there is no error, then your answer is (4)  i.e. No error.

Q.6) Neither of them (1) are (2)/ good(3)/.No error (4)

Q.7) Due to me being a new comer(1)/ I was unable(2)/ to get a good house(3)/. No error(4)

Q.8) The circulation of The Statesman (1)/ is greater than (2)/ that of any newspaper.(3)/. No error (4)

Q.9) In the garden (a)/ were the more beautiful flowers (2)/ and silver bells (3)/. No error (4)

Q.10) The poet (a)/ descries about(2)/the spring season (3)/. No error (4)


1 (a) 2(a) 3(d) 4(b) 5(c) 6(4) 7(1) 8(3) 9(2) 10(2)

Atheist - a person who does not believe in God

Bouquet - a collection of flowers

Bureaucracy - government by the officials

Belligerent - a person, nation that is involved in war

Curator - a person incharge of a museum

Carnivorous - one, who lives on flesh

Cannibal - one, who feeds on human flesh

Dormitory - the sleeping rooms with several beds especially in a college or institution

Drawn - a game that results neither in victory nor in defeat

Elegy - a poem of lamentation

Epitaph - words which are inscribed on the grave or the tomb in the memory of the buried

Ephemeral - lasting one day