Daily Practice Paper(18th SEPTEMBER)

Directions : In the following questions, some sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The numberr of that part is your answer. If there is no error, then your answer is (4) i.e. No error.

(Q.1) Along the northern frontier (A)/of India is seen(B)/the Himalayas mighty (C)/ in their splendour.(D)/No Error(E)

(Q.2) His politics is not (A)/good, so we have suggested to him(B)/that he should read Gandhi,Nehru(C)/and Karl Marx.(D)/No Error.(E)

(Q.3) We should not forget that(A)/ we have a right to criticise but(B)/ at the same time each of us(C)/ have to rememver the duty also.(D)/ No Error (E)

(Q.4) One of (A)/ the biggest industrial houses (B)/ in Mumbai is on the verge of (C)/ declaring a lock out. (D)/ No Error.(E)

(Q.5) A body of volunteers(A)/ have been organized (B)/to help the faculty members (C)/in their attempt to raise the funds. (D)/No Error     (E)

(Q.6) Everybody among the businessmen(A)/ were enjoying drinking(B)/ when the manager of the hotel(C)/ was shot dead.(D)/No Error(E)

(Q.7) Although these building are (A)/in need of repair,(B)/there have been much improvement(C)/in their appearance.(D)/ No Error(E)

(Q.8) Not only the doctor(A)/ but also the nurses of this nursing(B)/ home is very kind and helpful(C)/ to the attendants.(D)/ No Error(E)

(Q.9) The teacherss face the(A)/ same probllems in their day to day lives(B)/as do an ordinary man(C)/of our society.(D)/ No Error.(E)

(Q.10) The available statistics(A)/ indicate that the population of the world will double in about 30 years(B)/ and human life will become(C)/ more and more miserable.(D)/No Error(E)


1. (B)

Explanation : Use 'are' instead of 'is' because of Sentence started with Adverb Phrase and Main verb of sentence is in plural form.

2. (A)

Explanation : Use 'are' instead of 'is'.

3. (D)

Explanation : Use 'has' instead of 'have' because of subject is 'each' and remember 'each of, either of, neither of,every one of, one of etc come with singular verb.

4. (E)

Explanation : Sentence is correct.

5. (B)

Explanation : Use 'has' instead of 'have' because of subject of sentence is 'A body' that comes with singular subject.

6. (B)

Explanation : Use 'was' instead of 'were' beacause of 'Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody, Everyone, Someone, Anyone, No one, etc. comes with singular verb.

7. (C)

Explanation : Use 'has' instead of 'have'.

8. (C)

Explanation : Use 'are' instead of 'is'.

9. (C)

Explanation : Use 'does' instead of 'do'

10. (E)

Explanation : Sentence is correct.

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