Daily Practice Paper(14th SEPTEMBER)

Directions : In the following questions, some sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The numberr of that part is your answer. If there is no error, then your answer is (4) i.e. No error.

(Q.1) His father (A)/forbade him to go(B)/to cinema (C)/ late at     night.(D)/No Error(E)

(Q.2) The fact that the compact car (A)/is better than     (B)/conventional cars has(C)/been proved by its sales.(D)/No     Error.(E)

(Q.3) He leads(A)/ a very busy life(B)/ so he goes everywhere(C)/     by a car.(D)/ No Error (E)

(Q.4) In a hour's time (A)/ when I had finished the work (B)/ I got     up and (C)/ slipped out unnoticed. (D)/ No Error.(E)

(Q.5) People in Darwin(A)/ had become so accustomed to cyclone     warnings (B)/that few of them paid any attention to the     radio warnings (C)/which began this morning. (D)/No Error     (E)

(Q.6) The seed(A)/ of all the modern amenities(B)/ lies in(C)/ the     science.(D)/No Error(E)

(Q.7) We should spend (A)/a good part of the day(B)/in out of     door activities and games(C)/because staying indoors all the     time is bad for health.(D)/ No Error(E)

(Q.8) It is a pity(A)/ that the son of millonaire(B)/ should     indulge(C)/ in stealing.(D)/ No Error(E)

(Q.9) Brahmaputra is(A)/ one of the longest rivers(B)/that     originate(C)/in the Himalayas.(D)/ No Error.(E)

(Q.10) The first European(A)/ sailor to come to India(B)/ in      modern times(C)/ was Vasco-di-Gama.(D)/No Error(E)


1. (C)

Explanation : Use 'go to the cinema' instead of 'go to cinema' because of 'go to the cinema/circus/theatre/opera/station etc...Idiomatic

2. (E)

Explanation : Sentence is Correct.

3. (D)

Explanation : don't use 'a' before car because of by car, by bus, by train etc... Idiomatic

4. (A)

Explanation : Use 'an' instead of a because of 'depict violence' is idiomatic

5. (E)

Explanation : Sentence is correct.

6. (D)

Explanation : don't use 'the' before Science

7. (E)

Explanation : Sentence is correct.

8. (B)

Explanation : Use 'a' before 'millionaire' because of millionaire is a countable Noun.

9. (A)

Explanation : Use 'the' before Brahmaputra because of 'Brahmaputra' is a name of rivers.

10. (E)

Explanation : Sentence is correct.

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