Daily Practice Paper(12th SEPTEMBER)

Directions : In the following questions, some sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The numberr of that part is your answer. If there is no error, then your answer is (4) i.e. No error.

(Q.1) One of her firmest belief (A)/was that her friend shouted at     her(B)/with a view to making her (C)/ aware of her repeated     lapses.(D)/No Error(E)

(Q.2) In one of our first conversation (A)/she informed me (B)/     that she had lost her husband(C)/in a bus accident.(D)/No     Error.(E)

(Q.3) All the girls students (A)/ of the college are advised(B)/ to     sit in the(C)/ Girls' Common Room.(D)/ No Error (E)

(Q.4) The majority of the woman (A)/ teachers are persuading (B)/ the principal to consider (C)/ their demands. (D)/ No Error.(E)

(Q.6) In the last elections(A)/ the electorates'(B)/     disinterestedness puzzled(C)/ the politicians very much.(D)/     No Error(E)

(Q.7) The present datas (A)/ show that the illiteracy rate(B)/ in     India has fallen down but not(C)/ to the level of     expectation.(D)/ No Error(E)

(Q.8) He said that(A)/ he always kept in his pocket(B)/ a bundle of     one hundred(C)/ rupees notes.(D)/ No Error(E)

(Q.9) Running a five stars(A)/ hotel needs much more(B)/ money     than what we have in(C)/our account.(D)/ No Error.(E)

(Q.10) He gave me(A)/ two important informtions(B)/ I had been      waiting for(C)/ for the previous two months.(D)/No Error(E)


1. (A)

Explanation : Use 'beliefs' instead of 'belief' because of we use plural noun after 'one of'

2. (A)

Explanation : Use 'conversations'

3. (A)

Explanation : Use 'girl students' instead of 'girls students'

4. (A)

Explanation : Use 'Women' instead of 'Woman'

5. (B)

Explanation : Use 'cupfuls' Instead of 'cupsful'

6. (B)

Explanation : Use 'electorate's' instead of 'electorate' because of electorate is in plural number. 7. (A)

Explanation : Use 'data' instead of 'datas' because of data used in both form plural and singular

8. (D)

Explanation : Use 'rupee' instead of 'rupees'

9. (A)

Explanation : Use 'A five-star hotel' instead of ' A five stars hotel'.

10. (B)

Explanation : 'Information' is an Uncountable Noun' so don't use A/AN and S before and after this.

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