Daily Practice Paper(10th SEPTEMBER)

          Power of Words

Directions : In the following questions, some sentences have errors and some have none. Find out which part of a sentence has an error. The numberr of that part is your answer. If there is no error, then your answer is (4) i.e. No error.


Synonyms : die-hard, conventional, traditional, brassbound.
Antonyms : extremist, radical, progressive, lefty.
Uses     : She is more conservative now than she was in college.


Synonyms : ample, abundant, lavish, biggish, sizable, substantial          significant
Antonyms : little, inadequate, insufficient, scant, insignificant,          negligible
Uses     : We received a considerable number of complaints.


Synonyms : compatible, harmonious, logical, coherent, congruent
Antonyms : incompativle, inharmonious, conflicting, no          compatible.
Uses     : We need to be more consistent in handling this          Sproblem.


Synonyms : dispute, oppose, refute, contravene, confute, gainsay,          disprove, deny
Antonyms : endorse, affirm, agree, support, certify, ratify,          substantiate, avouch
Uses     : He contradicted the charges of his critics.


Synonyms : unbroken, regular, constant, endless, recurrent,          ceaseless unceasing
Antonyms : broken, irregular, inconstant, changing, intermittent,          occasional
Uses     : The batteries provide power for five hours of          continuous use.


Synonyms : paltry, pitiful, vile, scornful, low, ignoble, mean,          despicable, base
Antonyms : admirable, excellent, weighty, royal, dignified,          worthy, dear
Uses     : I have never met a more selfish, contemptible person.


Synonyms : content, satisfied, gratified, pleased, glad, happy
Antonyms : Discontent, miserable, dissatisfied, worried,          malcontent
Uses     : After getting selected she felt peaceful and contented.


Synonyms : waste, expenditure, dissipation, extinction,          destruction
Antonyms : gain, income, accumulation, addition, preservation,          savings
Uses     : The jet's high fuel consumption makes it expensive to          operate


Synonyms : perfect, flawless, proficient, expert, professed,          skilled, versed
Antonyms : imperfect, unaccomplished, amateur, inexpert,          jackleg
Uses     : He plays the piano with consummate skills.


Synonyms : careful, attentive, helpful, thoughtful, solicitous
Antonyms : negligent, thoughtless, inattentive, rude, unconcerned
Uses     : She is one of the most considerate ladies I know.


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