My first day at college

After passing the secondary examination I got myself admitted intermediate class of a college in Kolkata. After admission when I attended college for the first time, I found myself in a new atmosphere. It seemed to be a different world from the one in which I had spent seven or eight years .The big building, the spacious staircase, the big class rooms, the wide corridors, the principal’s room, the professor’s room were in great contrast with those in my school. They left a deep impression on me. The first interesting thing was the arrangement of classes. We had to attend school from 11p.m to 4p.m with no break except the recess for half an hour for tiffin and recreation. But on the first day I attended college at 1p.m. It was a new experience to me. On the first day I had only three classes. Between two classes again there was an interval of one period. Another difference from school life was the changing of class rooms. Instead of having all the classes in the same room, we had to go to different rooms for different classes. A large number of students had to pass through the corridors to go from one room to another. Naturally there was some noise. But it ceased when we took our seats in our respective classes. It was a novel experience to me.

We were about one hundred and fifty students in our class, so it was a very big class. It was the class of a Professor of English. He came and called our rolls. He welcomed us and gave an introductory lecture about our new life in the college and how different it was from the school life. He hoped that we should all follow his lecture attentively. It felt that it was not possible for him to take an individual care of us as it was done in the school. In this respect it seemed to me that the teaching in school was better. The professor gave his lecture in a general way. I took my seat on one of the front benches. I made it a point to listen to listen to his lecture attentively, otherwise I would be the loser and not he. There was no fear of punishment for neglecting lessons in the class. Hence some students sat on the back benches. They had no books. They did not seem to be attentive.

We had one period of leisure before the next class. After the period was over, we left the room. Others rushed in. Now they would have their classes here. Most of the students of our class now went to the common room. It was also a new thing in college life as we had no common room in our school. I read a magazine there. Some students indulged in idle gossip and others played indoor games.

I visited our college library also that day. What a big library hall it was in comparison with our school library hall. I found big almirahs full of book. I was told that I would get a library card soon and then I would be able to borrow book from there. Really it was a new life for me that day. I felt there was not strict discipline as we had in school life. I also noticed that there was no close contact of the students with professors. I thought that I will approach them personally when I felt any difficulty and they would, I believed, help me gladly. I had two other classes that day. When the classes were over I returned home with a happy heart , because I had begun a new life


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