The word Noise is derived from the Latin word 'NAUSEA'.It has been defined as unwanted sound.A decibel is the standard for unwanted sound or noise . This unwanted sound can damage physiological and psychological health.Noise pollution disturbs our health and behavious in a number of way including deafness causing lack of sleep, irritability, indigestion, heartburn, high blood pressure, ulcer and heart diseases.If noise is prolonged or frequent, the physiological disturbance becomes chronic which leads to mental illness. High level of noise can contribute cardiovascular disorder for a common man.

Noise decreases work performance : Noise is immediate and identifiable environmental pollution that has become critical in the recent years. It largely happens in urban areas for growth of population, industries, vehicles and so energy consumption in metropolis. Very high level of noise can wake people from their sleep with a jerk and keep them awake or disturb their sleep pattern. This could make them irritable and tired for the next day. On the other hand increased noise level give rise to lack of concentration and accuracy at work and of course reduces one's productivity and performance.

Sources of Noise pollution : The noise pollution has two sources i.e., industrial and non-industrial. The industrial sources includes the noise froom various industries. Non-industrial sources of noise includes the noise created by transport/vehicular traffic, aircrafts, railroads, industrial construction, creackers, loud speakers etc. The noise becomes worse in the time of deepali day due to bursting of crackers, fire crackers, during the right. This day, environment becomes very critical.

Measures of Noise pollution : Noise pollution is measured in decibel. A decibel is the standard for the measurement of noise. Zero decibel is approximately the softest sound that a healthy human ear can bear. 20db is whisper.40db is the noise in an office. 6db is the normal conversation and 80db is the level at which sound becomes painful an untolerable. Noise can have a detrimental effect on animals by causing stress and increasing risk of mortality. It is an example of extinction of endangered species.


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