Violence on TV has a direct impact on our children's behaviour

Violence on TV has a direct impact on our children's behaviour. Do you agree or disagree?

I completely agree with the fact that violence on television has a direct impact on children's behaviour. Lot of researches have been conducted on this subject and time and again it has been revealed that exposure to violence not only in television but also in video games, cell phones, and internet increases the susceptibility of the child towards violent behaviour.

Randomized experiments conducted on children by exposing them to violence in televisions and video games had shocking revealing. It suggested that there was the likelihood of child's behaviour becoming aggressive in the short run. Many psychological experts and neuroscientists have given the underlying reasons for the same. They explain that children's exposure to violent electronic media including violent games leads to long-term increases in their risk for behaving aggressively and violently. These long-term effects are a consequence of the powerful observational learning and desensitization processes that occur automatically in the human child.

These acts of violence shown on television have long lasting effects on children as they find it very thrilling and different from their regular life. They like to ponder on these scripts and start connecting to the acts in their real lives. However, if the same is not monitored, it can also change the permanent behaviour of the child. Sometimes, this threat is large enough to be treated as public health threat.

Hence, it is very important that parents monitor what their kids are watching on television and how they are spending their free time. This is because children learn from both experience and social learning or role modelling. As a result, when children watch violent acts, it is difficult from them to decipher which ones are real and to what an extent. This is where the parental or adult guidance can come to their help and prevent them from getting misguided. It is sadistic to note that even cartoon channels show lot of violence these days.

Also, medical science says that if violence is viewed for a long time, there are chemical changes which take place in the brain which are very similar to those that happen post traumatic stress disorder. Now, since the brains of young children are still developing, this can impact them badly.

Hence, it is very important that children get good guidance in choosing which television programs to watch and which video games to play. They should be encouraged to watch the inspirational or the humorous part of television. Developing interest in knowledge imparting channels like Discovery channel, History channel can be wonderful for their development.


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