Involvement of youth in crimes is increasing at an alarming rate

Involvement of youth in crimes is increasing at an alarming rate. Throw some light on the causes and possible solutions. It is true that involvement of youth is increasing in crime. Youth crime, also known as juvenile delinquency is participation of youth, including minors in illegal behaviour and is a matter of concern worldwide. According to data reported by Canadian police services, the crime rate among young people aged 12 to 17 climbed 3% between 2005 and 2006. Apart from severe crimes; cases of mischief and disturbing the peace of people have also increased.

Another shocking revelation of this report was that even drug-related crimes among young people have increased dramatically. In 2006, 693 for every 100,000 young people were accused of drug-related offences in Canada, making the rate of drug offences among youth nearly double of what it was ten years earlier.

A study on these young criminals revealed that much of this increase in the rate of youth violence was driven by increase in youth involvement in assaults. The percentage of teenagers who are engaging in crime is so high all over the world that it seems to be a cause of worry. But most of the crime conducted by teens is of non-violent behaviour. Hence, their cases are handled less harshly and they are given a chance to re-invent themselves.

However, lot of studies reveal that youth resolve to crime largely because they are not able to handle the rigors of everyday life or because their surroundings are highly deviant from the social morals and values. Hence, it is true that society plays a vital role in determining which youngster will become a criminal and which will not.

Preventing youth crime before it happens is the best way to protect the society. Also, law can only provide one part of a solution towards the youth crime. A larger part rests outside the criminal justice system. A large part lies in the society and at home of the youngster. What kind of environment he is getting at home and in his neighbourhood determines his fate. 

Child welfare, mental health, education, social service, employment are the bigger keys to address the issue of youth involvement in crimes rather than courts and other judicial bodies.


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