"The twentieth century is an age of greed" Do you agree with this opinion ?

To be greedy is to own more than what one can legitimately claim. This is very well illustrated by the parable of the greedy dog which wanted to have the bone seen in the reflection. It lost the bone thereby. That is greed. All people are greedy; it is not only the poor who are greedy but also those who are very rich. When Alexander and most conquerors went on expeditions, it was their greed to extend and expand their empire. Muhamad Gazini invaded India allured by its wealth. European nations went to the New World in search of gold and silver. Even in the United Stated people went west in search of gold. There are many instances in fact the pages of history books are replete with wars fought for this reason. Even now the super powers are not exempt from greedy expansion motives.

To avoid being greedy, the child must be educated. The parents at home have got a great responsibility in this respect. Children must not be allowed to have more than what they need, whether it be in food, toys or clothes. Greed and jealousy go together. Hence to avoid being jealous one should overcome greed.

Let us see if the twentieth century is an age of greed. The First World War was the result of Kaiser's ambitions to build a German Empire. He was itching for it and the murder of the prince at Sarajevo was only a pretext to start a war. Then came Hitler. From the beginning he wanted to continue from where Kaiser failed. Slowly and steadily he built up an army and thus the rape of Czechoslovakia followed. At the same time Mussolini invaded Abyssinia. All these culminated in the Second World War. Japan followed the Axis partners and it started on an expansion spree. After the Second World War many small things happened which, viewed in their proper perspective, was nothing but greed. Only the offending parties gave them different names just as once they looked upon African countries as the white man's burden.

Greed in modern politics appears in different guises. Look at the latest Afghan debacle in which Russia has deliberately invaded that country and has created a political unsettlement there. Russia had adopted subtle ways to expand its hegemony.

Looking at modern day individuals, we can say they are in no way worse than those who had lived in previous centuries. One thing we can say that in this century which is becoming more and more materialistic, moral forces are on the wane. The influence of home and church does not seem to turn out good citizens. When man's needs were few chances for his being greedy were also minimal. Now that there is more for material possession and man growing ever greedy than before. Temptation and greed are the two sides of a coin. To overcome them moral education and a very disciplined way of life is essential. So it can be concluded that this century alone is not an age of greed.


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