Daily Practice Paper

Q1. Write the number of covalent bonds in the molecule of Propane (C3H8).

Q2. What is the common name of the compound CaoCl2?

Q3. Name the quantity which is same in all the resistors when they are connected in series.

Q4. 2g of ferrous sulphate crystals are heated in a boiling tube. State the colour of ferrous sulphate crystals both before and after heating.

Q5. Why do silver articles become black when exposed to air ?

Q6. Two solutions X and Y are tested with universal indicator.Solution X turns orange whereas solutions Y turns red. Which of the solutions is a stronger acid ?

Q7. Carbon is a versatile element.Justify this statement.

Q8. List two major functions (other than thinking) of forebrain.

Q9. Name four mechanisms which can lead to speciation in sexually reproducing organisms.

Q10. State Ohm's law?

Q11. What is solenoid? How does a current carrying solenoid behave?


1. Ten covalent bonds.

2. CaOCl2 Bleaching powder.

3. Electric current

4. Before heating, it is pale green after heating, it is brown or reddish brown.

5. Silver articles get tarnished by reacting with atmospheric air to form silver sulphide.

6. Solution Y is a stronger acid.

7. Carbon is a versatile element because it forms covalent bonds with large number of elements and has catenation capacity to form compounds by chain of bonds with itself.

(a) Storing information

(b) Movement of voluntary muscles.

(C) Sensation of feeling hunger or satiety (any two).

9. Four mechanisms which can lead to speciation in sexually reproducing organisms are :

Natural selection, Genetic drift, variations and geographical isolation.

10. It states that "If Physical conditions remains same, the current flowing through a conductor is directly proportional to the potential difference across its two ends. i.e.
V directly proportional I
V = IR
where the constant of proportionality R is called the electrical resistance or resistance of the conductor.

11. A closely bound cylindrical coil of insulated metallic wire. A current carrying solenoid behaves as an electromagnet. The uniform magnetic field inside it may magnetise a steel rod permanently.

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