Daily Practice Paper

Q1. A person is advised to wear spectacles with convex lenses.State the defect he is suffering from ?

Q2. What is the range of vision of a normal human eye?

Q3. What happens- ?

(a) When bleaching powder is kept open in air.

(b) Chlorine gas is passed through dry slaked lime.

Q4. Write the molecular formula of the 2nd and 3rd member of the homologous series whose first member is methane.

Q5. When a cell reproduces, what happens to DNA?


1. The person is suffering from hypermetropia.

2. 25cm to infinity

3.(a). When bleaching powder is kept open in air, it reacts with CO2 to give pungent smelling chlorinne gas.

CaOCl2+CO2 → CaCO3+Cl2

(b). when chlorine is passed through dry slaked lime; bleaching powder is obtained

Ca(OH)2 + Cl2 → CaOCl2+H2O.
4. Alkane series

2nd member → Ethane → C2H6

3rd member → Propane → C3H8

5. when a cell reproduces, its DNA makes two Copies, each divided into cell getting one.