Daily Practice Paper

1 ) Name the excretory unit of kidney?

Ans.) The excretory unit of kindly is nephorn.

2 ) where DNA is found inside the cell?

Ans. DNA is found in the nucleus of a cell .

3. )Give on example each of thermal decomposition and electrolytic decomposition?

Ans.) Thermal decomposition : when a decomposition reaction is carried out by heating, its called thermal decomposition.

example: CaCO3(S) → CaO + CO2

Electrolytic decomposition : When decomposition is carried out with the help of passing electric current.

example: NaCl → Na+ + Cl-

4.) In the electrolytic refining of metal ,M ,name the cathode and anode?

Ans.) In the electrolytic refining of metal M
Cathode - Pure metal
Anode - Impure metal

5.) What is the nature of image formed on the retina?

Ans.) Real, inverted and equal in size.