Daily Practice Paper

Q 1. Check whether g (x)= 3x-2 is a factor of p (x)= 3x3+ x2-20x+12.

Q 2. Find quotient and remainder applying the division algorithm on dividing P (x)= x3-6x2+2x-4 by G(x)=x-1

Q 3. Find zeros of the polynomial 2x2-8x+6

Q 4. Find the quadratic polynomial whose sum and product of its zeros are 2/3,(-1)/3 respectively.

Q 5. If one of the zeroes of the polynomial 2x2+px+4=0 is 2, find the other root, also find the value of p.


(1) Yes
(2) quotient = x2-5x-7 , remainder = -11
(3) 3,1
(4) 3x2-2x-1
(5) -6